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Joy lives in Connecticut with her husband and four children. She has worked in Marketing and Sales for over twenty years, but keeps a schedule overflowing with her kids´ and family´s activities as well as various other ventures.

Joy has always been a “glass half full” (or even all the way full!) person, and feels that her life has been enhanced by that approach. Consequently, she envisions an entire series of books to help children navigate through these unusual times.
Teaching dependency takes away power!  Fully reaching our potential requires self-reliance and personal responsibility.  Each of Joy’s books will help parents raise happy, self-reliant, empowered individuals.

Her first book, 1,2,3…Happy! was inspired by the fact that she believes we are currently inadvertently teaching our kids to be victims.  Even very small children choose how they respond to any given situation.  One kid’s scary carnival ride, is another’s best day ever…  Same ride, different way of looking at it.  Even younger kids choose which toy they love and which they ignore.  Children are choosing from a very early age.

1,2,3… Happy! teaches children to exercise their “personal choice muscle” and the happy coincidence is that this practice serves as a “bully-resistant shield” of sorts, while setting up a lifelong tool for empowerment.  Bullying per se is never mentioned in this upbeat and positive book that will enhance the lives of all children who hear its fun message.

More back story:

One of Joy’s children was constantly targeted by bullies. Being a sensitive child, the bullies got instant feedback that they were bothering him, as it showed immediately on his face.
Once her son proved to be a reactive target, the bullying became relentless. It was too late to teach her son coping skills or avoidance techniques, by the time adults were even aware of the situation. By High School, her son had been physically threatened- as empowered bullies tend to escalate their tactics!  Joy’s son was switched to a private school, to break the bullying cycle.

But wait!
Another of Joy´s children was also bullied, but did not see it as his problem, but in fact an issue with the bully. This son basically ignored early attempts to make him react to the shenanigans of the bullies.  This son moved on to what he was having fun doing, and never reacted much at all, because he was busy with his own thing. Bullies just were never able to make him buy into their ability to make him feel badly. Here were two kids with completely different school experiences, entirely based on how they viewed the same situation! .

There is a gem in this revelation, and when coupled with understanding the power of positive thinking, one can see how the 1,2,3…Happy! concept can be utilized.
A children´s book was the next logical step to spread the word. Seeing this as a way to give back, Joy has made empowering kids, one of her major goals.

Joy developed 1,2,3… Happy! for all aspects of life, since keeping a positive attitude will always be a benefit. The earlier one can grasp this universal truth, the less validation is needed from outside ourselves.
Joy is hoping many, many kids can practice using 1,2,3… Happy! well before the teenage years, where peer pressure becomes so intense. Feeling in control and positive can´t help but boost self-esteem.

Help spread the word! You and only you can control your thoughts! Choose good ones!

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