Empower Kids! Read them this book..

“Sticks and stones may break my bones…” never actually worked for anyone, did it?

1,2,3…Happy! is the upbeat story of Emma and James heading to school fully prepared to take a constructive approach to any unkindness. Their mom teaches them a practical life-skill that is not only positive, but also effective in dealing with the inconsiderate actions of others. As a result, Emma and James feel in control, happy and empowered. What better path to self-esteem than that?
While positive thinking is always an asset, when young children are bullied, being armed with a tool like 1,2,3…Happy! can mean the difference between becoming a constant target of bullying, or stepping outside of the bullying cycle. Make 1,2,3…Happy! a prerequisite to attending school!

Click on the link below to buy now… For every book I sell I donate one to a school. Email me a contact name and address and I will put your preferred school on the list (even if you don’t buy a book)!  I am just interested in making sure the books WILL get read to kids, and WON’T get thrown away!  They cost me a lot of money, so please help me help potential targets step outside of the bullying cycle!

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1, 2, 3 Happy!

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