A Positive Anti-Bullying Solution

It is an anti-bully solution that takes off from where the focus on the bully ends. It hopes that all the effort over 20+ years of anti-bully campaigning is at a minimum taking the violent bullying down. We all know that non-violent bullying is just as harmful, and could be the pathway to violent behavior over time, so…

A positive anti-bullying solution chooses to be additive. A positive solution looks to the other side of the bully equation- the victim. Let’s take our kids (ourselves?) out of the scenario all together. Here is my contribution… (read to the end for a surprise!)

“1, 2, 3… Happy!” teaches that only you decide what to focus on, and it is a blast to focus on the things that you care most about. Even just thinking about your favorite things, or planning a next step, can leave a kid engrossed in his/her own head….imagining, visualizing, motivated.

This is finding a passion in life,

this is setting goals,

this is choosing to focus on the positive,

this is self-esteem from the inside,

this is becoming a creator,

this is being motivated and jazzed…

This is being unavailable to bullies. Naturally. No forced “just ignore them” or “sticks and stones” strategy fed by adults.

This is a kid who notices that someone else must be “not very happy or they wouldn’t say/do things like that”, and moves on. Situation diffused. Positive.

Nay-sayers would quip, “Not one hundred percent of the time”. But isn’t it worth the effort if in every school we can remove a few? Save one child from being a victim? I say the above list is important even if we leave bullying out of it, so there is no downside in this solution!

The historic anti-bully campaigns hopefully (by now!) take care of blatant violence. I really hope! My lips (typing) to God’s ears…

There is no bully-proof kid (or adult). But there is one with so much going on, and self-confidence + focus, that a bully might not even get on their radar screen. “Sorry, too engrossed in what I love to do, to have the leftover bandwidth to give to your shenanigans”. That is where I want my kids, and that is what “1, 2, 3… Happy!” is a about. A real tool.

Oh yea, the spillover into other areas of life is very positive too! Buy “1, 2, 3… Happy!” for someone you love… All profits (if there ever are any!) go right back into further empowering kids…

Email me a joy@joygibbons.com to find out how to qualify for a free copy as a seed to grow in schools, churches, camps, story hours, etc.

Surprise! The word bully is never mentioned in “1, 2, 3… Happy!” Kids learn the tool because it feels good. It is all good.



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